Divadlo na cucky Theatre: Residency with Unhoused People from Šternberk (Czech Republic)

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Divadlo na cucky Theatre calls for international artists or a group of artists who will create, in cooperation with Divadlo na cucky Theatre and Charity organisation Šternberk, with a group of about five unhoused people from the city of Šternberk, Czech Republic (a city with 13,000 inhabitants located near the city of Olomouc, where Divadlo na cucky is based). The organisers will support one residency, which will take place from 30 September to 13 October 2024.

The artists will work with a group of people without previous artistic experience, who are clients of the Low-threshold Day Center Uzel in the city of Šternberk. The outcome of the residency should be a public event, in a form that the artist chooses (presentation, public performance, exhibition, happening, etc.)

Artists can apply either with new projects or use the residency for research or development of existing artistic or projects. The group of clients of the low-threshold center should be actively involved in the project (time allowance of two hours each working day + 2 x 4 hours in addition if agreed). The artist should also communicate with the social workers and can use cooperation with the coaching team of the Divadlo na cucky Theatre.

The project welcomes theater artists, dancers, performance artists, musicians, and more whose work focuses on creation with specific groups, or interest in the topics of inclusion of marginalised groups in society through art.

What is offered:

  • Transportation fee
  • Artist fee of 1,200 EUR
  • Accommodation in Šternberk
  • Space for the creative work (community space of the day centre, a garden and a private work room at the Charity building)
  • Technical support from Divadlo na cucky staff
  • Interpreter/translator who will help artists communicate with the group

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