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DiffMix: Contest for Site-Specific Community Projects in Differdange (Luxembourg)

A big orange X on a wallpaper composed of the word contest, repeated many times.

DiffMix started in 2020 with the idea of bringing citizens and artists together to transform public places in Differdange, Luxembourg. Citizens identified online and offline five places that they wanted to transform and what their needs were. Now it’s up artists, designers and creatives from Europe to propose how these transformations can take place, and how they can be realised together with the citizens of Differdange.

Each place has an attached briefing: ‘Animate Place des Alliés with Youth Attractions’, ‘Create a First Kiss Environment’, ‘Improve Parc Chiers – Make it More Interactive’, ‘Reinterpret a Historic Was House’, ‘Transform a Transition Space’.

For each briefing, a winner will receive 1200 Euro, with second and third places each getting 600 Euro. The winner will be invited to Differdange to realise their project, together with citizens and the support of the neighbourhood. The budget for realisation is 15,000 Euro per space. The winners will also receive a travel stipend to Luxembourg to implement their concept.


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