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Note: In the context of the coronavirus, we are trying to check more carefully if some deadlines are extended or some calls cancelled or adjusted. In case you see any weblink problem or deadlines' change, please feel free to email us at mobility(at) 


Last updated on 20 January 2021

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Raise funding

Ace & Tate Creative Fund: On hold

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen > Artists’ Contacts Programme to Support Intercultural Cooperation: Ongoing deadlines

Onassis Foundation > Emergency Fellowships 2020/21 (Remote): Deadline: rolling (with replies within two weeks)

MediaFutures > Open Call for Arts and Technology Programmes: Deadline: 28 January 2021

Fanak Fund > Shararat Amal International Emergency Fund for Lebanon: Deadline: 31 January 2021

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation > 2021 Grant Programmes: Deadlines: 1 February 2021 / 30 March 2021

British Council Wales > Go Digital: Sub Saharan Africa – Wales: Deadline: 7 February 2021

German-Israeli Future Forum > People to People Playground, Micro-Funding for German-Israeli Creative Adventures (Online): Deadline: 10 February 2021

ENCC > UP Grants for European Socio-cultural Centres: Deadline: 10 February 2021

Open Call for Speakers for ‘Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art in Times of Conflict’ (Cyprus): Deadline: 13 February 2021

Open Call for Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance (France, Austria): Deadline: 15 February 2021

LACMA > 2021 Art + Technology Lab Call for Artist Proposals (USA): Deadline: 25 February 2021

COAL Prize 2021 – ‘Forest’ (France): Deadline: 1 March 2021

i-Portunus Mobility Programme > Call for Architecture: Deadline: 14 March 2021

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React to a call

Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism > Open call : Applications on a rolling basis

The Institute of International Education > Artist Protection Fund: Rolling applications (assessed twice a year)

Little Islands Festival > Site-specific Open Call, ‘Living Environments’ (Greece): Deadline: 20 January 2021

WIENWOCHE > Call for Projects for 2021 Festival, ‘Back to Normality: Utopias, Dystopias and Fictions’ (Austria): Deadline: 22 January 2021

British Council > DICE Artist Commission: Deadline: 25 January 2021

Tanssin Aika Festival > Open Call for Choreographers and Dance Artists (Finland): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Roxy ULM > ResearchLab for Emerging Choreographers (Germany): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade > At Second Glance Exchange Platform for Artists from Austria and Serbia (Online): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Korean Cultural Centre > Exhibition ‘Nothing is - everything just has been or will be’ (UK / Germany): Deadline: 1 February 2021

LABOR > Open Call for BIVOUAC (Switzerland): Deadline: 1 February 2021

KYPRIA International Festival > Open Call for Performing Arts Proposals (Cyprus): Deadline: 1 February 2021

SAC International Curatorial Residency Programme 2021 (Spain): Deadline: 1 February 2021

JUMP – European Music Market Accelerator > Call for Applications: Deadline: 1 February 2021

Locust Projects > Open Call for Exhibition Proposals (USA): Deadline (extended): 6 February 2021

Comic Art Europe > Open Call for Comics Projects (France, Belgium, Spain, UK): Deadline (extended): 10 February 2021

Light.Move.Festival > Open Call for Projects (Poland): Deadline: 10 February 2021

The Cultural Foundation > Open Call for Performing Arts Production Programme (United Arab Emirates): Deadline: 14 February 2021

Compagnie Irene K. > Open Call for Festival Dance in the City 2021 (Belgium / Germany): Deadline: 15 February 2021

Bagri Foundation > Change/ce Open Call for Animations (Online): Deadline: 15 February 2021

LABORMANIFEST > Triangle Meeting Between Basel-Freiburg-Strasbourg (Switzerland): Deadline: 22 February 2021

Ibrida Festival of Intermedia Arts > Open Call for Live Performances (Italy): Deadline: 26 February 2021

Footprints Sustainable Music Across Europe > Call for Music Agents (France, Poland): Deadline: 26 February 2021

ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN > Exhibition and Residency (Germany): Deadline: 28 February 2021

Carmen Mateu Young Artist European Award for Opera Composers (Spain): Deadline: 28 February 2021

i-Portunus mobility scheme > Open call for music and literary translation: Deadline: 28 February 2021

C-PLATFORM / Xi·Art Museum > ‘Generative Project’ Residency (China): Deadline: 31 July 2021

Fonds de mobilité Caraïbes / Institut français : Date limite : 24 août 2021

Fonds de mobilité Indianocéanique / Institut français : Date limite : 24 août 2021

Mobility programme by the Goethe-Institut, Cairo Moving MENA: Ongoing deadlines

TelepART - Mobility Support application with Finland (performing arts): Ongoing deadline. In order to secure TelepART funding, the performance(s) must take place no earlier than two calendar weeks from submitting the application.

Culture Resource > Wijhat (Destinations) > International Mobility Fund for Arab Artists and Cultural Actors: Deadlines throughout the year

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Get training

MOOC > Introduction to new music: ongoing deadline

Forecast > Interdisciplinary Mentorship Programme (Germany): Deadline: 28 February 2021

Dancing on the Edge Scholarship Programme for Contemporary Dancers from the Middle East and North Africa (Netherlands / Online): Deadline: 1 March 2021

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ZK/U / Mondriaan Fonds > 2021 Residencies for Visual Artists, Curators, Critics and Theorists (Germany): Deadline (updated): on hold

ARAK Collection > Curatorial Residency Fellowship 2020 (Qatar): Deadline: rolling

Fondation Fiminco > Residency Programme for Visual Artists (France): Deadline: 21 January 2021

Guttenberg Arts > Space & Time Artist Residency (USA): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Kaunas Photography Gallery > 2021 Residency Programme (Lithuania): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Landskrona Foto Residency (Sweden): Deadline: 31 January 2021

MAREBOX > Call for Residency and Exhibition, ‘Water Weighs: Tracing Underwater Memory, the Sea’s Life and its Corporality’ (Italy): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Hydra PACE > Open Call for Artist Residencies (Slovenia, Slovakia or Palestine): Deadline: 31 January 2021

Radio Art Residency Weimar (Germany): Deadline: 31 January 2021

V2_ > Alex Adriaansens Residency (Netherlands): Deadline: 1 February 2021

Endangered Landscapes Artist Residencies and Arts Prize: Deadline: 7 February 2021

China Residencies > Crystal Ruth Bell Residency (Remote): Deadline: 9 February 2021

V_AIR 2021 – Vimercate Art in Residence (Italy): Deadline: 12 February 2021

Camargo Foundation / EHESS > Residency Programme for Arts and Social Sciences (France): Deadline: 14 February 2021

Open Call for Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance (France, Austria): Deadline: 15 February 2021

Tallinn Art Hall > Residency Programme for Artists Living in Germany (Estonia): Deadline: 28 February 2021

Kalamari Klub / IsoQuant > SciArt Residency Programme for Photographers (Germany): Deadline: 28 February 2021

Singapore Art Museum > Artist Residency, Community & Education Residency, and Curatorial & Research Residency (Singapore): Deadline: 28 February 2021

Woodhaven Artist in Residence Programme (Canada): Deadline: 5 March 2021

ACCR > Nora 2021 – Artist in Residence Programme for Refugees Exiled in France: Deadline: 12 March 2021

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Meeting others

Programme Jundtion @Platform Calgary (Canada) : Date limite : 28 février 2021


Engage in policy

Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne > Call for Contributions to ‘Showing Without Going’ Mapping: Deadline: 21 February 2021

Check the ongoing list of Campaigns or online petitions raising awareness of the coronavirus’ massive impact on the arts and cultural sector


Trans Europe Halles > DISCE P2P Recovery Programme (Online / Cyprus): Deadline (extended): 30 January 2021

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Pro Helvetia > Head of Pro Helvetia Cairo / Arab World (Egypt): Deadline: 20 January 2021

State of Fashion > Call for Curators: Deadline: 24 January 2021

Camargo Foundation > Director of Development (USA): Deadline: 24 January 2021

Viva Villa > Appel à candidatures ouvert aux commissaires d’exposition : Date limite : 25 janvier 2021

IETM > Communication and Membership Assistant (Belgium): Deadline: 29 January 2021

Programme Directorship for Theater der Welt 2023 (Germany): Deadline: 31 January 2021

PopUp Goethe Iceland > Call for an Iceland/Germany Curator Duo: Deadline: 31 January 2021

Live DMA > Communication Officer (France): Deadline: 8 February 2021

Jan van Eyck Academie (The Netherlands) > Coordinator of the Nature Research department: Deadline: 12 February 2021

Artists at Risk Connection > Africa Regional Representative: Deadline: 15 February 2021

General and Artistic Direction of the International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts – CIFAS: Deadline: 15 February 2021

KANAL Foundation > Artistic Director (Belgium): Deadline: 15 February 2021

kunstencentrum nona > Curator for Contour Biennale 10 (Belgium): Deadline: 28 February 2021

Call for Experts to Support European Capitals of Culture: Deadline: ongoing

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