Danse élargie: Call for Submissions (France)

Danse élargie

In 2009, Musée de la danse in Rennes, Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, and Hermès Foundation joined forces to devise Danse élargie, a new dance competition, sixty years after the first Bagnolet International Choreography Competition. The next edition will take place 15 & 16 June 2024.

Displacement and flight – two themes present since the very first edition of Danse élargie – seem more necessary than ever in our current world shaken by the solemnity of war, the rise of extremisms and the hardening of implacable positions. If the age is one of weightiness, Danse élargie remains a zone of freedom where the artists of today – and tomorrow – defy gravity, invent new ways of dancing and take the liberty to mix spices from all latitudes. Danse élargie is a dance competition that celebrates every yen for movement.

At roughly the same time, in 2024, Paris will host the 33rd Olympic and Paralympic Games: the chance for a convivial gathering devoted to hospitality. After seven years away (during renovation to the theatre), Danse élargie will once again be held in its original premises, at Place du Châtelet, to transform the legendary stage into a playground for performance, into a tournament with neither battles nor clashes.

Projects entered for the competition must feature at least 3 performers on stage, and must not exceed 10 minutes in length. Between 15 and 20 candidates will be selected to present in Paris.

Each Finalist will receive a fixed sum of 2000€ as a contribution towards the costs incurred by their participation in the competition (accommodation, travel, studio rental…). Artists in the competition compete for a number of prizes ranging from 5000 – 13,000 EUR.


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