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CODE 2024: Open Call for a Co-creation Project on Digital Rights

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Are you an artist, designer, researcher, software designer or developer? Or are you working in marketing, law, technology, policymaking or politics? Are you interested in human rights and equality? Are you open to working on collaborative projects that can speak to the imagination of a wider audience and inspire them to think about their digital agency? Regardless of what you do, if you are concerned about our digital rights and the lack of agency over the platforms and devices we use, CODE 2024 are looking for you.

With this open call they invite creatives, professional and non-professional artists, and concerned citizens living in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to embark on a six-month journey of dialogue, critical discussion, and co-creation about digital rights. Between January and June 2024 you will work with other participants on group artworks to be presented at international festivals and events.

CODE was initiated in 2021 as a response to growing concerns that we are losing agency over the digital tools and platforms we use on a daily basis. The organisers believe in the need for better laws and legislation that will protect us as digital citizens and consumers. By creating creative and artistic interventions, their aim is to influence public policy on a national and international level and to create awareness for issues at hand.

Selected participants will work closely together in a co-creation process. CODE consists of a series of online and onsite events, including:

  • Kickoff meeting (online).
  • Three workshops (hybrid).
  • One symposium (online).
  • 2-3-day hackathon (onsite).
  • Group meetings and feedback sessions (both online and onsite).
  • Online exhibition.
  • Presentations at festivals and events.

The events are spread over several months: from late January till June, with presentations of the project’s outcome expected in September. Group artworks will also be conceived over the six-month period from January to June.

There is a small stipend for groups that produce a work for international presentations and for the online exhibition. Travel costs and accommodation to attend the 2-3-day hackathon will be covered.


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