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Chemnitz 2025: Call for Projects for Older and Younger People (Germany)

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Chemnitz and 38 partner municipalities and communities in the Central Saxony, Erzgebirge and Zwickau region will be the European Capital of Culture 2025, with the motto ‘C the Unseen’. The organisers are running a number of open calls, including one for projects which give children and young people the space, knowledge and skills to create their own perspectives on the future.

Chemnitz can be seen as a laboratory for issues facing all of Europe because, in the context of Chemnitz as the European Capital of Culture 2025, the demographically oldest city in Europe has the opportunity to find regional approaches to issues such as demographic change, loneliness, and a shortage of skilled workers.

Whether it’s innovative tech solutions or ways of meeting, proposed projects should involve older people and thus create a platform that shows appreciation for their activities, opinions and the issues they face.

European, national and local partners are encouraged to propose projects for and, most importantly, with the target groups of the Generation team in the Capital of Culture programme:

  • 0–6 years old: Infants and children of nursery age and their families.
  • 7–10 years old: Children of primary school age and their families.
  • 11–18 years old: Children and young people of school age.
  • 19–27 years old: Young adults.
  • 60+ years old: Older people.

Each selected local project must demonstrate at least one European partner and each project from abroad must involve a local partner from Chemnitz or one of the 38 partner municipalities or communities.

Projects submit a budget as part of a two-stage application process. All projects must provide their own contribution amounting to at least 10 per cent of the total amount.


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