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Center for Choreography Bleiburg/Pliberk: Interdisciplinary Residency 2024 (Austria)

One dancer stares up at another whose leg arcs upwards.

From 26 April – 5 May 2024 the Center for Choreography Bleiburg/Pliberk invites (groups of) artists to a 10-day interdisciplinary residency in Carinthia.

The aim of the residency is to enable artists to deepen and further develop an artistic question in a free and at the same time protected framework. The residency should be interdisciplinary, with dance being represented. During the residency phases, the artists are invited for to explore and reflect on an artistic question on the theme of Turning Point (Zeitenwende). The residency does not have to be linked to a concrete project.

The state of work will be presented on the last day in a final public presentation (studio visit, public performance, workshop, exhibition or similar).

The residency includes:

  • A stipend of 1000 EUR for each person involved in the project (max. 4 persons).
  • A studio with dance floor (approx. 150 sqm).
  • Accommodation for max. 4 persons incl. cooking facilities.
  • Travel costs of max. 150 EUR for each person involved in the project (max. 4 persons).
  • Basic technical equipment (subject to agreement and availability).
  • Technical support (subject to agreement and availability).
  • Organisation of a final presentation.
  • Photo documentation.

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