Bright Festival Connect: New Media Art Projects 2024 (Germany)

A corridor of hexagon lights.

The Bright Festival, 10–13 October 2024 in Leipzig, Germany, is calling for applicaations for new media art projects.

The call is open to:

  • Digital & interactive installations
  • Light & sound experiences
  • Immersive art show
  • AI-based installations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Audio-visual performances

This opportunity is for those: wanting to increase their visibility and internationally promote their works as an artist or creative design studio; those wanting to increase their network and get in touch with suppliers, customers or collaborators in their field; and those wanting to exhibit their project/work/installation in front of a wide digital-conscious audience

Originally a power plant, in 2016 this space was turned into the first venue in Germany entirely dedicated to digital and multimedia art installations. The Kunstkraftwerk space is composed of five exhibition areas. Each one will be dedicated to a specific project category:

  • MACHINENHALLE (Audio-Visual performances)
  • KESSELHALLE (Immersive Art)
  • KANTINE 3 (Digital & interactive installations)
  • BASEMENT (Light & Sound experiences, Interactive installations)
  • OUTDOOR AREA (Virtual Reality)

The organisers provide the following:

  • Travel and accommodation for the first 3 selected projects
  • Technical assistance
  • Customised promotional and advertising package
  • Access to Pro and Networking events
  • Full Festival Pass for the team
  • Food and Beverage Festival kit
  • Post-event promotional media-kit
  • Once the project is selected, the coverage of production costs will be discussed with the organisation based on the project’s features.

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