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BRABA.plataforma: 2024 Alkantara Festival (Portugal)

One person on the shoulder of another, with arms flung upwards.

In a collaboration with Alkantara, BRABA.plataforma is looking for dance, theatre or performance projects to present at the 3rd Mostra.BRABA, part of the 2024 Alkantara Festival, 28–30 November 2024, at Espaço Alkantara in Lisbon, Portugal.

BRABA.plataforma was created in 2022 to support creative initiatives aimed at or led by people researching identity and gender. The project will select one or two projects created by artists for whom issues related to gender or identity are central to their research or artistic practice.

Application guidelines:

  • Artists living in Portugal or in another European country.
  • Artists or structures with completed theatre, dance or performance projects.
  • Projects must be technically suited to the studio at Espaço Alkantara and a shared presentation programme. For the preparation of the presentations, the selected projects must include people responsible for technique in their team.
  • Projects may involve other artistic practices or disciplines.
  • The organisers encourage applications from trans, non-binary and queer artists, BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of colour), from all cultures, religions, nationalities, diverse functionalities, ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

What is offered:

  • Presentation fee between 1,000 EUR and 2,500 EUR (max.)
  • Accommodation in Lisbon for up to 4 people (if necessary)
  • Travel up to a maximum of 500 EUR (if necessary)
  • Production and technical support for the public presentation of the project at the Alkantara Festival (1–2 presentations)

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