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BIRCA: Residency Lab for New Ecological Performing Arts Around the Baltic Sea (Denmark)

8 or so people standing on big stones at the edge of the sea.

BIRCA Baltic Sea will invite 6 performing artists placed around the Baltic Sea (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) to a joint residency of 2 weeks taking place 25 September – 8 October 2023. The residency seeks to expand on participants’ current practice with a focus on the health of the planet. The aim is to create new solo, shared and collaborative performance works, with a focus on exchange and collaboration.

The residencies will focus on some of these questions: What does ecological art mean? What methods are being developed in this new field? How does the new performing art engage in dialogue with the ‘audience’ and society? From an artistic research perspective the participants will co-creatively address local climate issues in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as the global crisis. They will – also in co-creation – develop ideas and themes that can lead to future collaborations between participants to create joint artistic manifestations, soft resistance, and visions for future co-existence around the Baltic Sea. All performance art should be created with a limited negative impact on the world’s nature and with care for all species and lifeforms on the planet.

BIRCA Baltic Sea is taking place on Bornholm/Denmark and is led by Susanne Danig/BIRCA in collaboration with Danish choreographer and climate activist Linh Le – they will select participants and plan the residency. Linh will also present a workshop at the residency. The residency is supported by Nordic Culture Points residency programme, and there will be a second round taking place in May 2024.

Accommodation in single rooms, food and travel expenses (also for green traveling) will be covered and the organisers will pay a fee of 1500€ per participant. They will also introduce the participants to local institutions and sites and cover expenses for this.


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