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Asia Culture Center: ‘Futures of Listening’ Residency (South Korea)

Futures of Listening

The Asia Culture Center (ACC) in Gwangju, Korea is seeking participants for its 2023 ACC Residency. The residency will take place over approximately six months from May – October 2023, with a showcase in November 2023. ACC is an international artistic creation and production centre that explores the new contemporariness in Asia. Asian attitudes of engagement with real-world situations have been passed down as a spirit of artistic creation, as new technologies and artistic languages are being used today to suggest alternatives for our current reality and possibilities for future ways of life.

Each year, the ACC Residency reviews the timeliest real-world issues to select a research topic. The reorganised 2023 residency programme is being carried out in conjunction with the ACC Sound Art Lab, which in 2023 is launching the project ‘Futures of Listening’ to research the sounds of Asia and Asian cities. A number of Asian cities have undergone rapid urbanisation under Western influence, and people’s concept of ‘listening’ to sound has swiftly changed as well. For example, research has shown that noise levels in Asian cities that have undergone Westernisation and industrialisation (especially in South, Southeast, and East Asia) are far higher than those in (West Asian) countries that have not. Such environments not only give rise to differences in acoustic perceptions among those cities’ residents but also powerfully influence their nature and the forms of their culture and art. In researching these cities’ soundscapes, the project hopes to shed new light on people’s evolving concepts of ‘listening’ and to present alternative values and the future of creative arts from a perspective of auditory post-colonialism.


  • Creative support of 2,000,000 KRW/month.
    • Payable with usage of studio for 10+ days a month.
    • Payable to up to two members per group for six months.
  • Project support of 15,000,000 KRW/artist (group).
  • Individual workroom at ACC/group and open studio showcase exhibition at ACC Asia Plex Studio.
  • Individual accommodation provided (one unit per person).
  • Airfare for non-South Korean nationals, or South Korean nationals who have resided overseas for at least one year as of the announcement date.

The programme is open to participants from every field of creative endeavour, including researchers, artists, creators, and technicians who are making their first attempts at soundscapes. Artists and artist groups can apply (teams can have a maximum of two members).


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