La Briqueterie > Screendance Residency (France / Germany)

In order to support the vitality of screendance production, La Briqueterie - National Choreographic Development Center of Val-de-Marne in collaboration with l'Adami, have launched an international Screendance Production Residency to support the creation of a short film.

What approach will you explore to make choreography filmic? In contrast, how will you make film choreographic? What type of collaboration can you imagine between the two art forms? What is the role of sound? This call out aims to support screendance production, a hybrid art in which the choreography (whatever form it may take) is created specifically for the screen.

Two projects will be selected. Each project will benefit from a grant of 15,000 euros (one of the grants is reserved for artists based in France). The French artist(s) will be hosted in Freiburg, Germany at Theatre Freiburg. The international recipient(s) will be hosted at La Place de la Danse - National Choreographic Development Center in Toulouse, France. The dates for the two-week residency in 2022 will be determined according to the availability of the artists and host institution. This submission call is open to artists from various artistic fields (choreographers, filmmakers, visual artists, etc.) who collaborate with performers.

The final project must not exceed 15 minutes in length. The screendance created must feature at least one performing artist.

Deadline: 20 June 2021

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