Moving Classics: Sonic Flux > ‘Defrosting’ Commission for a Scotland-based Musician, Composer or Sound Artist (Norway)

The Moving Classics: Sonic Flux project will creatively explore the condition of displacement through personal testimony, original music and AV/Film installations. It will connect musicians and AV/Film artists with displaced people to explore stories of flux that have shaped the modern European identity.

Defrosting is one of the 6 projects making up the overall MCSF programme, looking at development and displacement on Svalbard, Norway. The Creative Team includes Stein Henningsen, NO (film), Zdenka Sokolíčková, CZ (research) and blekksprut1 (producer) and will be completed with the appointment of a music collaborator.

The Archipelago of Svalbard is defrosting. According to Polarinstituttet, Svalbard and the Arctic is warming up at twice the speed of the rest of the world. The narrative presented to the world is that of a climate change crisis. However, Svalbard might be melting down in more than one sense. Things are changing fast and people feel they live in an unpredictable world.

This collaborative art project aims to explore how people living on Svalbard feel about climate change, but also about the past, present and future of their society, jobs and way of life on the Archipelago of Svalbard. Artists, producers and partners from Norway and Great Britain will work together to explore this topic, and the team will aim to create an audio-visual experience inspired by personal stories and the unique mood of Svalbard. This project aim is to let the voices of people on Svalbard be heard.

This is an opportunity for a Scottish musician, composer or sound artist to create the audio for the 10-13 minute film being created as the output for Defrosting.

The organisers provide:

  • Approx. 10 day residency in Svalbard (dates not fixed, other than in 2021) working with creative team.

  • A fee of 2100 EUR plus travel expenses and accommodation.

The music will be finalised by winter 2021 for live performance in spring or summer 2022. Applications are open to artists of any UK/EU/EEA nationality living and working in Scotland. The project focuses particularly on narratives of climate change, and so applications are encouraged from artists with an interest in this area.

Deadline: 21 May 2021

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