MUSE.ar > Open Call for Artists to Explore New Narratives for Museums (Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary)

The aim of the international MUSE.ar project is to create a platform that will help cultural institutions to work with their collections in an innovative and meaningful way. Institutions will use the platform to connect with contemporary artists and collaborate to create digital guides, and utilise virtual reality, augmented reality or digital games to enhance the educational and immersive effect for visitors.

The organisers are now looking for three groups of artists and creatives who will work with the visions of partner institutions to co-create new digital narratives. Groups of artists and creative minds are sought to work with one of 3 partner museums in Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary over two residency programmes . Each group will consist of 3 individuals, each with a defined role, who are committed to participating in the entire project. You can apply individually and be matched with others later, or as a group of 3, already covering the three roles of Collector (looking for participants with skills in conceptualisation, curation, and teamwork), Narrator (for participants with strong design and narrative building skills), and Framer (for participants with a strong desire to work with digital tools such as AR or VR technologies).

Each group will complete the following tasks:

  • Build a digital narrative in an interdisciplinary process for a pilot site (e.g. create an exhibition guide or a novel mode to present a partner’s collection).

  • Advise, test, evaluate, and co-create the digital tool.

  • Participate in and test a Digital Interpretive Planner training, which will be a new, certified Interpret Europe training.

The project offers:

  • Artist fee.

  • Digital interpretation training with the international team.

  • Support materials

  • International network

  • Artistic and technical support

  • Reimbursement of all travel and accommodation expenses incurred as part of transnational activities.

Project activities run from May 2021 to June 2022. Europe-based artists with a high level of proficiency in English are eligible to apply.

Deadline: 25 April 2021

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