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Créer en Afrique Centrale: Support to the Cultural and Creative Sectors has launched its first call for proposals for Central Africa. With a budget of €1,050,000, this call will fund initiatives that aim at strengthening the role of the ICCs as economic, social and cultural actors, increasing the economic income of the cultural and creative sectors, promoting the creation of sustainable jobs in the sectors and improving access to, recognition and promotion of artists and their work.

The first call for proposals is open to organizations legally registered in one of the following Central African countries: Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, São Tome and Principe and Chad.
Partnerships with other entities in the subregion, other ACP countries and Europe are encouraged.

Applications may be submitted under one or more of the following priority axes:

  • Axis 1: projects aimed at increasing the number and quality of cultural and creative goods and services.

  • Axis 2: projects aimed at facilitating access to national, regional and international markets as well as the circulation, dissemination and promotion of goods and services.

  • Axis 3: projects aimed at promoting visual literacy for the general public, in particular young people.

  • Axis 4: projects aimed at promoting the access to financing through innovative mechanisms.

The indicative amount available for this call for proposals is €1,050,000. Grants requested under this call will range from €35,000 to €105,000 and the projects will have a maximum duration of 24 months. Depending on the objectives of the project, organizations are invited to consider the diversity of needs to be covered in terms of training, support for production, dissemination and access to culture, taking into account criteria of sustainability, structuring of the sectors and feasibility of the financial dimension of the project, as well as the co-financing thresholds indicated in the call for proposals.  Proposals may be submitted in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Deadline: 8 June 2021

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