A-Place > Video Production Open Call 2021

As a member of the international collaboration A-Place, LOOP (a platform dedicated to the study and promotion of the moving image) is organising the second open call to commission a video production to investigate the process of creating a sense of place in one of the six cities participating in the project (Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana and Nicosia).

The purpose of this call is to invite multidisciplinary artists to explore and widen the meaning of place in our multicultural, interconnected societies. The aim is to produce a video that presents, documents, deconstructs, expands, speculates, challenges, fictionalises, etc. the experience of creating places. The production of the video is an activity that is carried out within the social dynamics of urban space with the aim of developing a sense of place that overcomes any existing physical, social or cultural inertia.

The final video production will need to be submitted to LOOP Festival before 1 November 2021 and will be part of an exhibition at LOOP Barcelona for two weeks before being screened in other cities across Europe.

The call is open to all individual professional artists that are legal residents of the European Union and intend to produce a video artwork in one of the following cities: Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana or Nicosia.

The award for this grant is 5000 euros. Costs of travel and accommodation will be covered by the organisation after negotiation.

Deadline: 15 April 2021

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