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Being mothers, (involved) fathers, caregivers and parents is a part of many people’s identities – one that is often ignored within the art world. Although art is a field of work that, in most contexts, favours the personal over the official, and the emotional over the material, it nonetheless, like most other professional spheres, replicates the patriarchal strategies that render parenting invisible.

Mophradat is actively looking for ways to shift access to opportunities. Opening up its venue in Athens as a summer retreat (14 June – 15 July 2021) for artists and their families to live together, where artists can work and children can play in an experiment of communal living, is one attempt at doing so. Three artists (and partners) with young children will be invited to spend a month-long residency in the venue. The format will allow for shared childcare and afford working space and time to the residents, all within a safe social environment, with resources, time, skills and stories made common. As the experience unfolds, Mophradat will use the opportunity to engage residents in further explorations of the theme of motherhood.

The Athens venue comprises four spaces that can be used as bedrooms, one collective working area for the artists, a common play space for the children, shared kitchens and bathrooms, a small garden and large terraces. In addition to accommodation, Mophradat will cover the round-trip travel for the entire family unit and provide a group stipend to cover the shared daily costs, including food and basic housekeeping needs.


  • The main applicant must be from or have origins in the Arab world.

  • They must be a professional working artist, writer, or curator, and working on a specific project.

  • They must be at present a primary (co-)caregiver and planning to travel with no more than two children under the age of five who will join them in residence (due to space and logistical constraints, Mophradat anticipate only being able to accommodate family units of maximum two caregivers and two children).

  • They must have an interest in communal living, including sharing, compromising, and contributing to everyday household responsibilities.

  • Sharing a common studio rather than a private workspace should be compatible with their practice.

  • Unfortunately, due to the current travel restrictions, the retreat is only open to candidates already residing in Europe, and able to travel to Greece.

Please also note that the house is on two floors, and is only partially wheelchair accessible.

Deadline: 25 March 2021

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