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The Tara Ocean Foundation is the first recognised public interest foundation in France dedicated to the world’s oceans. Its research schooner Tara has already travelled more than 400,000 kilometers, making stopovers in more than 60 countries during 4 major expeditions, carried out in collaboration with international laboratories of excellence (CNRS, CEA, PSL, EMBL, MIT, NASA, and others). The Tara Ocean Foundation is a Special Observer at the UN and actively participates in the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

The Tara Ocean Foundation not only supports scientific research via its expeditions, but also invites artists aboard the schooner for residencies. Science has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Aboard Tara, they can observe and interpret, according to their sensitivity and imagination, the richness of the oceans, the research being done, and the daily life of the crew.

The current Microbiome Mission will explore the ocean ecosystem as a whole. Marine microorganisms play a fundamental role in the ocean – a world that is immense, microscopic, and largely unknown; the first link in a long food chain, but also a crucial player in climate regulation, subject to numerous external pressures such as plastic pollution and rising temperatures. Residencies aboard the schooner will be a new opportunity to cultivate a different perspective, create new experiences, and continue collaborations with artists.

Tara left her home port on 12 December 2020 for this new expedition. Six residencies will be programmed during this mission and artists will embark aboard Tara for periods of 2 weeks to 1 month: between Pointe à Pitre and Cayenne; along the coasts of Brazil and Argentina; on the Atlantic crossing between Argentina and Cape Town; then heading north along the African coast.

This call for applications is open to professional artists of all nationalities. There is no age limit, but a medical certificate will be required in the context of the world health crisis.

The residence includes:

  • Full room and board on Tara during the residency.

  • Presentation of the artist’s project before departure via video broadcast on site and networks + online introduction.

  • Creation of a print and/or virtual catalogue of the residencies once the mission is over.

  • Promotion of residencies through a collective exhibition at the end of the mission.

  • Financial assistance for each artist-in-residence up to 1000€.

Deadline: 1 March 2021

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