Roxy ULM > ResearchLab for Emerging Choreographers (Germany)


Roxy ULM’s ResearchLab (based in Ulm, Germany) consists of up to four residencies per year. It is aimed at supporting dance by nurturing emerging choreographers to realise their ideas from concept to live performance.

Each ResearchLab provides 3 weeks of studio space, travel, a living allowance a production budget and local accommodation for up to 5 artists in total. Through a national/international open call the selected ‘dance makers’ are invited to co-produce the work created in the ResearchLab, to premiere in the PerformanceLab programme. The ResearchLab powers imagination through dance, it champions innovative ideas and embraces risks. By creating optimal conditions for dance artists and establishing a dialogue with our audiences through open rehearsals, the ResearchLab provides greater awareness of the limitless potential that dance has to connect and inspire.

Young, emerging and established choreographers are welcome to apply. The organisers are looking to support ambitious 'dance makers' from diverse backgrounds. The ResearchLab offers residencies to choreographers of all kinds of dance styles. The ResearchLab is a melting pot of dance techniques, it is where different dance methodologies mix to create innovative dance for audiences. Choreographers are welcome to apply with a 'work in progress'.

ResearchLab 3 begins 15 September 2021 with the premiere taking place on 6 Octobeer 2021. ResearchLab 4 begins 9 November 2021 with the premiere taking place on the 1 December 2021.

Deadline: 31 May 2021

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