ENCC > UP Grants for European Socio-cultural Centres

ENCC - European Network of Cultural Centres is launching its UP Grants, a microgrant scheme open to all socio-cultural centres throughout Europe. It has five strands: sustainable mobility, ethical digitalisation / reduction of digital carbon footprint, lifecycle / recycling / circular economy, social sustainability, environmental sustainability.

This scheme aims to support sustainability initiatives already in place, in order to boost them, provide visibility, and inspire others.

ENCC UP Grants are a combination of a classic award and a microgrant, as ENCC would like not only to reward existing best practices, but also to give them the possibility and the push for further development – a dynamic initiative in a changing context.

Winning projects will receive a grant of 3000 euros (5 grants in total will be awarded) and will implement their follow-up plan March-June 2021. They will be showcased on the ENCC website and other ENCC communication channels.

Applications are open to all ENCC members, members of ENCC networks, and all non-profit socio-cultural centres in Europe.

Deadline: 10 February 2021

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