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The All-Around Culture Programme aims to foster a vital cultural ecosystem as an enabling environment for social and economic inclusion of young people in seven countries across the Arab region including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Libyan and Syrian communities in these countries.

All-Around Culture is a collaborative and interconnected programme that consists of 5 components implemented over a 4-year period. It currently has two open calls – for Cultural Alliances and Youth-led Initiatives.

The Cultural Alliances component will support up to 12 Cultural Alliances consisting of 36 cultural entities, who are seeking to strengthen their adaptive capacities and to engage in setting up a collaboration within Alliances as well as wider partnerships on the local, national and regional levels with the aim to strengthen the cultural ecosystem and to facilitate and increase access to culture within their contexts.

The component will offer:

  • A grant of up to €110,000 to support the stability of entities and foster their investment in sustainable collaboration.

  • Tailor-made learning modules including mentorship, training, and workshops among others to improve alliances managerial, collaborative, and strategic competences.

  • Regional collaboration by providing opportunities for Alliances to participate in other components of All-Around Culture in order to expand their professional networks.

The Youth-led Initiatives component aims to encourage community-based and contextual projects using collaborative approaches and to raise knowledge and capacities of young artists, collectives and cultural operators from underserved areas on the development of contextual work, and community engagement in cultural and civic activities.

The component will offer:

  • Up to 32 research and 24 production grants to support youth-led cultural & civic initiatives to implement community-based and contextual artistic production.

  • Two Collaborative Laboratories will take place consecutively where up to 16 artists, collectives and cultural operators will exchange experiences and raise capacities on cultural and civic project development applying community-based and contextual methodologies.

  • Tailor made guidance, networking and support opportunities will be provided.

Youth-led Initiatives deadline: 25 December 2020
Cultural Alliances deadline (extended): 14 January 2021

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