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This year the Piksel Festival has been waiting to the last minute to release the open call in the hope the Covid rules would relax a bit, mainly regarding the obligation to quarantine artists at arrival in Bergen.

As the festival is approaching, they finally decided to do a double open call.

One is for artists travelling from non quarantine countries who can travel to Bergen (Norway). Please check here if your country is in a yellow colour: https://www.fhi.no/en/op/novel-coronavirus-facts-advice/facts-and-general-advice/travel-advice-COVID19/ 

The organisers are aware that the map can change in the next months.

The other one is for artists (who can not travel to Bergen) whose artworks can be presented either virtually/online (Mozilla Hubs, PikselSavers, online concerts, presentations and workshops) or physically at the exhibition where the Piksel technical team will follow the artists instructions to setup the works.

Adding to the open call, Piksel also invites 1 international artist collective, a "cohort", from 1 to 3 people, to pass the quarantine time (10 days) together in a residency/house in Bergen. During the quarantine, the artist collective Q10 will develop workshops, artworks and installations or performances. They will be presenting the results over the 10 days through online digital media and window display screens. Once the quarantine time is over, these artists will be able to participate at the Piksel Festival concerts and exhibition with all the health guarantees in place. The QUARANTINE 10 project aims to bring the people together on this dystopian ”new normality”.

Please feel free to submit your projects to anyone of the open tracks: Presentations, workshops, concerts, installations and the Q10project.

The festival covers travels, accommodation and meals. We also provide technical equipment and fees for the artists coming.

Deadline (extended): 15 October 2020

Find all details online