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House of Europe’s international cooperation grants fund the collaborative cultural projects of organisations from Ukraine and the EU (including the UK). They support music festivals, virtual exhibitions, book fairs, digital residencies, theatrical plays and any other bold ideas for online and offline spaces.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, House of Europe are looking for projects that have a vital digital component. You can go completely online or combine online activities with in-person events. Every out-of-the-box idea is fine, as long as it can adapt to the various pandemic scenarios.

Selected applicants get:

  • Up to EUR 25,000 to carry out your project. You can spend it on staff, services, administrative and travel costs.

  • A chance to bring to life an innovative, experimental, out-of-the-box idea that will become a centrepiece of your organisation’s portfolio.

  • An opportunity to work in a team with at least one organisation from abroad, learning from foreign peers and establishing long-lasting connections across borders.

  • An opportunity to elevate the Ukrainian art scene. For Ukrainian organisations, it is a chance to showcase their works internationally, for organisations from the EU and the UK an opportunity to take part in boosting the cultural scene at the heart of Europe.

  • Membership of House of Europe’s alumni community, which means new contacts with the most proactive Ukrainian, EU and UK cultural actors, networking meet-ups, and even more grants.

Two organisations design and submit a collaborative application. Either the Ukrainian or the EU/UK organisation can be an applying partner. The applying partner assumes most responsibility for the realisation of the project.

Deadline: 20 October 2020

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