Biennale of Western Balkans > Open Call for Textile Artists for ‘Art Pluriverse. A community science series’ (Online)

In December 2020, the Biennale of Western Balkans will hold a digital event as part of the organisation’s year-round programme, where local, artistic and research communities will have the opportunity to collaborate. BoWB will be launching Textile Month as the first edition of a community science series on intangible culture, aspiring to empower living or documented communities and their work around textiles, through research-based art creation.

BoWB invite applications from communities of practice, regionally active groups and underrepresented collectives, with a focus on the Balkan region, who deal with any technique around textiles, including people from different regions, social backgrounds and age groups, LGBTQ, BIPOC and other ethnic communities as well as diasporic, cross-border and common interest or common needs communities.

They also invite applications from artists from the local and international scene working with textiles in any form, including e-textiles, digital art or cultural data visualisations, who are interested in approaching the field from diverse perspectives, bringing forth gender, ecological, intercultural and other critical issues.

Artists and communities will have the opportunity to collaborate together, in order to create research-based artworks that explore local knowledge and intangible heritage through contemporary artistic practices. Up to 5 communities and an equal number of artists will be selected by a committee, forming artist-community synergies. Pairs will be able to meet by mid-November, set their course of action and work together within December. Artists will be able to create artworks based on research and collaboration with communities, while being encouraged to document the creative process in any way they see fit (e.g. images, texts, sketches, notes, GIFs), giving the audience the opportunity to follow along.

Each selected artist proposal will be awarded with a honorarium of 300 Euros.

Deadline: 25 October 2020

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