Goethe-Institut Singapore > AUSSICHT Support Fund for Artists and Organisations in Singapore

AUSSICHT (German for outlook, view, prospect, vista) is a new support fund by the Goethe-Institut Singapore. The fund is open to Singapore-based artists and practitioners. It aims to give support to those who value artistic innovation and experimentation with limited funding or limited access to funds. Goethe-Institut Singapore welcomes any practice which adds to the diversity of the Singapore art scene. Applications with an interest in projects demonstrating potential for inter- and transnational collaboration are preferred.

The awarded funds can be utilised for the applicants' own independent artistic practice, for further development or for a new creation, for research, critical and discursive cultural activities or process-based initiatives which foster intercultural dialogue and collaboration.

For each successful application, a funding of S$1,000 (min) to S$8,000 (max) will be awarded.


  • Individuals, collectives or organisations in the arts and cultural field.

  • Living and practicing in Singapore for the last two years.

  • Proven need of financial support.

  • Financial loss or other negative impact due to the COVID pandemic.

  • Clear interest in inter- and transnational artistic or cultural collaboration.

Applications will be assessed and funds disbursed on a rolling basis until November 2020. An early application is recommended.

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