Paul Mellon Centre > ‘London, Asia, Art, Worlds’ Call for Papers (UK / Online)

Paul Mellon Centre’s ‘London, Asia, Art, Worlds’ conference posits London as a key site in the construction of art historical narratives in Asia, and reflects on the ways in which the growing field of modern and contemporary art history in Asia intersects with and challenges existing histories of British art. By excavating historical entanglements and relational comparisons that link London and Asia, the conference questions the boundaries of national and regional histories, and explores new distributive and decolonial models of writing art histories.

This event marks the culmination of the Paul Mellon Centre’s London, Asia project. Through three research strands – exhibitions, institutions and art schools – the London, Asia research project works towards more expanded and diverse narratives of British art.

London, Asia, Art, Worlds seeks contributions that deepen and expand the vectors and platforms examined by the London, Asia project. To this end, the conference has defined the following propositions for consideration: Sociality and Affect; Potential Histories and Solidarities; Circulation and Encounter; Pedagogy and Learning; Bureaucracy and Agency; Aesthetics and Ways of Knowing; Thinking Asia Through Empire; Thinking from Asia. The conference will contribute to an edited, peer-reviewed volume.

This conference – which is envisioned as a murmuration, a series of interconnected papers, conversations, performances, and interventions – is currently planned as a series of virtual events with the potential for some in-person meetings, if possible. The gatherings will take place across the month of June 2021 in a twice-weekly format consisting of events which are roughly 2.5 hours in length.

Contributions can take the form of papers or artistic interventions (max 20 minutes), and are encouraged to take advantage of digital capabilities. The organisers anticipate that final papers will be delivered in English, but are open to other languages.

There will be some travel and accommodation funding for speakers, if travel is feasible. Applicants can also submit a summary budget and explanation to support digital productions and artist commissions

Deadline: 18 September 2020

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