CROSS Award for New Works in the Field of Performing Arts (Italy)

LIS Lab Performing Arts - in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo and Ricola - announces the sixth edition of the 'International CROSS award' for artists and companies in the field of performing arts and music, with particular attention to original productions focused on the close interaction between artistic creation and environment, understood as landscape, territory or community. With respect to the profound changes that shake our everyday life, CROSS Award 2020 aims to be an incubator of images and practices which are engaged in the rewriting of the present as well as the re-appropriation of public spaces.

The award aims to promote investigation and artistic expressions related to the combination of different styles and genres, considering multi-language practices and the mix of techniques and codes pertaining to the various performing arts as particular criteria. The artistic creation aims to be a means of research and intervention on reality. Through their relational and permeable quality, performative arts represent the place to build again trust in the community and social dimension of our experience of the world. The goal of the competition is to identify new productions – thoroughly unpublished – that put the language of the body and stage performance in dialogue with musical composition, without any restrictions or constraints of genre, category or practice.

The call is open to individual artists, professionals and companies. The project must be submitted as a production that can be developed during the different phases of the residency and that could include multiple expressive practices at the same time (such as: dance, music composition and interpretation, DJ set, live soundtrack, composition of a soundtrack, activity of noise music, theatre, body performance, urban performance and dance, walkways, participatory workshops, singing, new technologies, video art, motion capture, readings, site-specific design).

For this edition 5 projects will be selected for a 15-day residence in Verbania, Italy (taking place from January 2021). Each project will receive a production grant of €2000.

Deadline: 15 September 2020

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