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Beyond the devastation wrought on our health and economies, and especially on artists, COVID-19 has resulted in some innovative re-imaginings of how art may be shared within highly restricted atmospheres.

Artists have generated ideas from the whimsical to those of sobering gravitas. In an attempt to reach beyond varying states of lockdown and anxiety, artists have held audiences and the creation of art amidst one of the largest crises of our time. Some of these attempts have been successful, others less so, but the best of these point to crisis as a space for the beginnings of new forms and new ways of seeing and experiencing art.

Within this context, the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) invites applications for an Online Fellowship Programme designed to help artists develop and realise their interdisciplinary artistic work online.

The Programme invites artists to re-imagine an existing work, or to create a new work, as an online experience. The work – a live art or interdisciplinary work using music, theatre, dance or fine art – may already be in existence and may have been seen before. So the artist will have a pre-existing concept and possibly some accompanying textual, sonic and visual material. Using this as a basis, applicants are invited to imagine ways in which this may be experienced online.

All 20 selected Fellows will receive R15 000 (~770 EUR) towards their work. While all applications will be considered on merit, priority will be given to artists from the African continent who are currently not employed full time.

Deadline: 30 June 2020

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a live art or interdisciplinary work using music, theatre, dance or fine art