Hangar > Exchange Residency Between Casa de Velázquez and Hangar (Spain)


Based in Barcelona, Hangar is an open centre for research and artistic production that supports creators and artists. For the fourth consecutive year, they are publishing a call for the development of an exchange residency programme between Casa de Velázquez (Madrid) and Hangar (Barcelona). The aim of these grants is to provide artists with the opportunity to get to know other artistic and cultural environments, to produce and compare their work with that of others and to broaden their artistic curriculum.

Within the framework of this programme, two artists residing in Spain will stay at Casa de Velázquez in Madrid, in the form of a research residency, and a French artist will carry out a production residency at Hangar (Barcelona). Applications are open to artists who develop proposals in the field of contemporary art, performance, sound art, visual arts, audiovisuals, new media, etc.

The period of residence will be September-October 2020. The exact terms of the residency are different for Casa de Velázquez and Hangar, but both include a budget for living and travel expenses.

Deadline: 30 June 2020

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