Culture Zone Wrocław > Overdue Time Off / Zaległy Urlop for Foreign Artists Living in Poland

In the current crisis situation, we must remember the physical and mental wellbeing of foreign artists who ended up in Poland, often against their own will and without any form of state support. The eponymous ‘overdue time off’ refers to the still prevalent perception of not recognising artistic creation as professional work, which particularly affects people invited to participate in the programme.

A month-long residency (1-30 August 2020) in Wrocław will be an opportunity to address your own needs: to create, think, be on your own or meet with others, catch up on old work or relax, meditate, allow yourself to be bored – all that contributes to human wellbeing. It will be a time free from any predetermined obligations, such as the need to create an artistic work, prepare an exhibition, present your practice – the perfect getaway from reality. It will be the resident who decides how to spend the time and to what extent the residency will be ‘filled with art’. The organisers accept applications from foreign artists permanently or temporarily living in Poland, and those who for some reason cannot currently leave the country.

The selected applicant will receive accommodation, PLN 5000 (~ 1125 EUR) gross remuneration, and travel expenses to and from Wrocław. Culture Zone Wrocław can also organise an outdoor artist talk, provide support, and if possible, and if the resident wishes, arrange meetings with representatives of Wrocław cultural community.

Deadline: 30 June 2020

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