Distributed Design > Distributed Design Awards 2020

In partnership with The Index Project, Distributed Design are launching the third edition of their awards programme. These awards recognize the most innovative, supportive and sustainably designed projects across Europe.

Designs should take the following into account:

  • Distributed Design Principles: Open source, transparency, allows for adaptation and/or customisation.

  • Circular Economy Principles: Local production, smart manufacturing, responsible materials, product life cycle and afterlife.

  • Social Challenges and Human Wellbeing: Both that of the end-user and potential co-producers (socioeconomic business models, regenerative systems, etc.).

The award is open to anyone working in the creative disciplines dealing with Design and Making: creative players, makers, designers, artists, architects, scientists, students and others. A broad definition of ‘emerging creatives’ is adopted to include designers and makers who apply the Distributed Design concept to diverse applications, this could include platforms, deployments or products for example.

There are different prizes associated with various categories, but the winner of the 'Future Thinking' category will be awarded with a travel bursary and tickets for re:publica festival 2021 in Berlin, Germany. One design will also be selected to receive 2000€ project funding and a mentorship session with The Index Project.

Deadline: 30 June 2020

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