Aerowaves > Aerowaves Twenty Programme for Emerging Choreographers in Europe

Each year the Aerowaves network selects 20 of the most promising emerging choreographers in Europe. Aerowaves promotes their work for a year, creating opportunities to perform with their partners. Choreographers apply to the programme with a short, finished work. 

Everyone who applies to Aerowaves has the chance to have their work programmed by the partners of the network, whether or not they are selected as Aerowaves artists. Around 100 performance opportunities are guaranteed by the partners and supported by Aerowaves each year.

Should you be selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty, your work will be promoted by Aerowaves via its website for one year by an artist profile, with images, video and press coverage all in one place. You may also be selected to perform your work at the Spring Forward Festival which will take place in Elefsina, Greece from 6-9 May 2021. For Spring Forward, expenses are paid and fees are based on €100 per person travelling, per performance, in recognition of the additional promotional value of the festival.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • You must be resident in Europe to apply.

  • You may apply with only one work per year.

  • The work you are submitting must have been produced in geographical Europe.

  • Aerowaves is a platform for short works – your work must be 15-40 minutes in length.

  • Your work must be finished and have been presented to the public which can include a studio sharing – work in progress or rehearsal footage are not eligible.

  • Your work should be easily included in a double or triple bill and have simple technical requirements.

Deadline: 16 September 2020

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