Nowhere Online Music Platform > Call for Arab Musicians and Bands for Collaborative Album ‘Music from Here’ (Online)


The coronavirus pandemic poses many questions and ideas for artists around the world. These questions call for a rethinking of artistic content, or of what art produces for the world after the pandemic, and whether what is presented as art calls for a reimagining of tomorrow, or expresses instead the suffering, concerns and hopes of the moment we are going through.

The current situation has called for artists around the world to expand their artistic horizons as they test new tools that allow artistic experiences to continue through what is for now the only safe medium available – the Internet. The pandemic has so far presented many opportunities for musicians to experiment and produce musical artworks.

The Nowhere Online Music Platform invites Arab musicians and bands residing in the Arab region and abroad to submit their musical works – produced during the global quarantine – to be part of a special volume of the ongoing music album project ‘Music from Here’, which is presented online, free to listen and download. The Platform is interested in discovering musical works produced by Arab musicians and their partners around the world, using different production techniques and recorded in their homes.

The aim is not to collect musical works that talk directly about the quarantine, infections, or even Covid-19 around the world. Instead, the organisers seek to discover musical works with a high technical standard that were made during the period, and to archive those materials for future reference.

The bands or musicians chosen for the selection will receive a payment for the use of their music.

Deadline: 5 June 2020

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