ecce > Co-production Residencies for Joint Projects (Germany)

Since 2011, the european centre for creative economy (ecce), based in Dortmund, Germany has been designing projects which will sustainably accompany and secure the legacy of RUHR.2010 Capital of Culture.

A new programme has now been launched to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between artists and creatives from the Ruhr Region and Europe. It will support co-productions via residencies in the Ruhr Region, lasting 3-5 months and taking place inside the period 1 November 2020 – 24 March 2021.

The programme offers:

  • Monthly scholarship/grant of 1500 euros per artist or artist collective.

  • Travel expenses up to 1000 euros for regional artists, and up to 2000 euros for artists from other European countries.

  • Production costs up to a maximum of 9000 euros per co-production.

  • Prize money with a total value of 20,000 euros at the end of the residencies.

Artists from the Ruhr area and from European Union member states who are working together on a co-production can submit a joint application. The funding is aimed at artists from all disciplines.

At the end of the residency period the artistic productions will be presented March 2021 within the framework of a two-day conference and awards ceremony.

Deadline: 30 June 2020

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