University of Leeds > PhD in Cultural and Performative Responses to Climate Crisis (UK)

In light of the significance of climate change and exemplifying the University of Leeds’ School of Performance and Cultural Industries’ mission to explore the way performance may be utilised as a strategy or disposition towards responding to global challenges, the School is welcoming proposals for a funded PhD studentship on the theme of cultural and performative responses to climate crisis. The project will start 1 October 2020.

As the world slips into deepening climate crisis and the agenda moves more towards mitigation than avoidance, the failure of political solutions, even with the support of international research findings, appears starker and starker. (Practice) Research in Mountain Studies and in Cultural Ecology, has revealed the power of local, site-sensitive interventions and cultural expressions in the pursuit of respectful, sustainable relations with the landscape.

The proposed project asks what can cultural practices contribute to the climate crisis debate? How do the core ingredients of performance – affectivity, materiality, activism, relationality – combine, historically and in contemporary performance to engage more effectively with the macro debates of climate change? It invites applicants to theorise, historicise and develop new methodologies for landscape intervention, working either with existing case studies, nationally and internationally or with newly generated Practice research outcomes. The project will be embedded in the University’s cross-faculty Net-Zero project and can exploit the interdisciplinary resources of the Priestley Centre. An industrial collaboration with established companies in this area such as Wired Aerial, may also be possible.

Applicants to PhD research degree programmes should normally have a Master’s degree and at least a first class or an Upper Second Class Bachelors Honours degree. If you hold relevant work, or other, experience the Faculty may consider this in lieu of a Masters qualification.

The studentship offers funding for full fees (at Home/EU rate) and maintenance at UK Research Council rate. Applications are invited from those outside the EU, but note that international students will need to top up the fee to the international rate.

Deadline: 1 June 2020

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