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The third round of Art Jameel Commissions aims to support the production of a digital artwork that will live online, on the Jameel Art Centre website, for audiences to engage with, regardless of where they may be, from autumn/winter 2020 to 2021.

Art Jameel Commissions: Digital invites artists to propose projects, artworks or experiences that engage with TIME. It has been said that time has become more atomised due to the ubiquitous mediation of technology in almost every aspect of personal, public or working life. Stock markets are mostly governed by automated algorithms whose competitive edge comes down to nanoseconds. In contrast, others seek escape from such relentless regimes into slower passages of time, linked more closely to circadian rhythms. TIME can also be understood as ‘epochal’, lending itself to demarcations between the future, the present and end times. What TIME are we living in and living through? Submissions for Art Jameel Commissions: Digital should address a specific aspect of time today, and inventively translate this into a digital interface that helps us re-examine what time has been, is – or could be.

The commission also presents an opportunity to rethink and reboot our understanding of ‘digital art’ and the ways in which it can question, investigate and form meaningful connections and experiences that explore this theme. How can the commission be used to bridge stronger connections between communities? Can the digital realm act as a primary medium through which to explore the urgent questions we face today? What does it mean to formally innovate in the digital realm?

The commissioned work should ideally have a strong visual and experiential impact, and be conceptually engaging in nature. Art Jameel are open to any medium that can be easily navigated online, including but not limited to augmented reality, apps, online platforms and multimedia works.


The winning commission will be awarded a prize of USD 7500. An additional dedicated production budget will be allocated to the winning artist to cover:

  • All materials and production costs necessary for the production of the work, not to exceed USD 10,000-15,000.

  • Travel and accommodation to travel to Jameel Arts Centre during the exhibition period to participate in one public programme.

Art Jameel will also provide curatorial support and technical mentorship/support, delivered in collaboration with MIT’s Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL).

The commission is open to artists of any nationality or age who have links to, and a grasp of, the environmental and cultural nuances of the wider Middle Eastern region. Artists may be from or based in the Middle East, North Africa or Turkey – either living in the region or diaspora – and/or engaged in contributing to the various cultural scenes of the region.

Deadline: 10 June 2020

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