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For more than 30 years, Stimultania Pôle de photographie has been working at the intersection of contemporary questions. In 2014, it chose Givors, in the south of Lyon, to open a second facility, and in 2017 began an artist residency there. Open to artists, photographers but also to artist collectives, it offers space and time for experimentation, risk taking and creation in the heart of a town which shops have fled but no inhabitant would ever leave.

The current call is open to all professional artists, individual entrepreneurs (artist author), or micro-entrepreneurs based in the European territory. Photography is the main medium, but Stimultania is also open to multidisciplinary projects and collaborations between artists and between artists, photographers and researchers. Stimultania supports the artist in their own process, making available its artistic and photographic competences and its knowledge of the territory. It also asks the artist to remain available for some exchange sessions with locals, without imposing shared creation.


  • Two months of residency (with accommodation) in November 2020 and in April 2021. The artist can manage their schedule according to the needs of the project, but should be physically present at least six weeks on site.

  • Compensation: 2000 euros including VAT per month.

  • Per diem: 250 including VAT per month.

  • Copyrights : 1 000 euros including VAT.

  • Provide for transportation on receipt up to 1000 euros including VAT.

  • Purchase of small equipment on receipt up to 500 euros.

  • Production up to 2000 euros including VAT.

Deadline: 30 May 2020

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