ZK/U / Mondriaan Fonds > 2021 Residencies for Visual Artists, Curators, Critics and Theorists (Germany)

Based in Berlin, ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik is a residency centre operating at the intersection of visual arts, art research, architecture and urban innovation. As a laboratory focused on the phenomenon of the 'city', it wants to facilitate international and local exchange on global issues and is interested in interventions in the public space in which artists, residents and local initiatives make the public space their own.

Mondriaan Fonds is sponsoring two six-month residency periods at ZK/U: 1 January – 30 June 2021 and 1 July – 30 December 2021. Applications are open for visual artists and mediators (curators, critics, theorists). Artists are expected to have an advanced professional practice and mediators (curators, critics, theorists) should have a few years of professional experience.

ZK/U is a collaborative, socially engaged and locally involved art platform. The organisers are therefore particularly interested in plans that create space for encounters and exchanges between citizens from different backgrounds and that question the urban infrastructure and public space. ZK/U is open to plans that are conceptual, interventionist and contextual.

For each residency, Mondriaan Fonds offers 11,025 € for travel costs, material costs and living costs for one individual. The resident is expected to contribute 1225€ and is expected to indicate in their application how they are planning to finance this contribution. This can be through a personal investment, but also a contribution from a third-party, crowdfunding, etc.

Deadline (updated): on hold

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