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The coronavirus pandemic has abruptly cleared the calendars of many people working in the arts and made it difficult for them to work. Could this exceptional crisis be a time for artists when something new and unexpected begins to blossom?

Kone Foundation invites you to apply for a three-month work grant (April-June 2020) for an artist residence that takes place in the artist’s own home. The residence allows new ideas to develop without pressure to complete a piece of work or project. It also provides the opportunity to refine your practice and way of working, as well as to reflect on your authorship and renew it.

You can apply for this grant for your artistic work if you are a professional artist working in Finland, a professional artist who is a Finnish citizen working abroad, or an artist with a close connection to Finland. 

Artist residencies often include the possibility of sharing and working side by side. Knowing that there is someone next to you working at the same time as you are, thinking, practising, exploring and experimenting, inspires your own work too. Discussions with artists from the same and different fields are often some of the most rewarding aspects of a residence. In a home residence, this is achieved through a remote connection. Presentations of your work, reading groups, chat groups and afternoon coffee breaks via remote connections will hopefully create a sense of community also during a home residence.

The three-month home residence includes a monthly grant and an online work platform for sharing your ideas. The size of the monthly grant varies according to the applicant’s experience: €2400 (early career), €2800 (mid-career), €3500 (experienced artist). If the applicant is applying for a grant in category 2 or 3, they are required to give details of their experience in their application. The grant will not be awarded for any other expenses relating to work. The grant is only available for full-time work. The scheme is open to artists of all disciplines.

Deadline: 5 April 2020

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