Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility

This webpage is less regularly updated compared with the start of the pandemic since most organisations and information platforms have more regular updates related to the situation. 

We try nevertheless to keep track of articles, news or initiatives in this webpage. And of course many cultural mobility calls we signpost take into account the situation linked to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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(photo @ Wimo Ambala Bayang, Long time no see, 2011)


All sectors are affected by the Covid-19 pandemia but we are very much aware that the alternative and independent art scene is / will be particularly under pressure. This list of resources has been compiled and updated since 14 March 2020, in partnership with Circostrada*, as a way to gather information and initiatives internationally that can be useful to share, know about and/or be inspired from. 

This list is by no means comprehensive and can be easily enriched thanks to your feedback and proposal to include new resources. Feel free to email us any initiative related to one of the sub-topics below at mobility(at)on-the-move.org For information, we are still lacking references to the visual arts sector and world regions such as Africa, the MENA region, Latin America etc. 

Contents of the list:

Some sub-sections - like the sections 5, 6, 7, 19, 11 and 12 - are linked to another section because they contain too many resources - scroll down for details, or click a link below):

1. General advice

2. Mobility/travel and health/safety related information

3. Campaigns or online petitions raising awareness of the coronavirus’ massive impact on the arts and cultural sector

4. Statements by organisations/networks/foundations

5. Governmental / public bodies + private organisations: readjustments of existing schemes and/or new funding schemes (at international, European and national levels)

6. Initiatives (especially online surveys) to gather feedback from different parts of the arts and cultural sector affected by the coronavirus

7. Sector-specific information and advice (including webinars and online conferences)

8. Pay the artists / cultural venues / organisations

9. Some news and initiatives coming from Asia

10. Articles and other resources

11. Some ideas for when you're stuck at home

12. Unlocking venues / audiences 


Organisations with a * are On the Move's members


1. General advice: 

Rationale for the JRC COVID-19 website - data monitoring and national measures (Europe) - link

Mapping the coronavirus pandemic in African countries - link

The European Commission response team (health, mobility and economy) - link

Key health messages on the Coronavirus pandemia in 22 languages - link

#StayTheFuckHome - A Movement to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic - link (EN / ES / FR/ IT / PL / PT / IT / RU / FARSI)

DIY resources to make face masks, ventilators and other open designs and p2p hardware for use in Corona response - link


2. Mobility/travel and health/safety related information: 

◊ Maps in support of the Council Recommendation on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the EU/EEA and the UK - link

Covid-19 travel restrictitions / Nordic European countries - link

Live DMA COVID-19 map of the European live music sector - link

Covid 19 - the travel map, Belgium (and other countries / regions in Europe) - link

Official website and app, Reopen Europe - link

Which European countries have opened their borders ahead of the summer holiday season? - link

Interactive Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations Map (powered by Timatic) - link

Tourism and transport: Commission's guidance on how to safely resume travel and reboot Europe's tourism in 2020 and beyond (13 May) - link

A European roadmap to lifting coronavirus containment measures - link

Carte pour suivre l'évolution du coronavirus en Afrique / Map to follow the evolution of the coronavirus in Africa - link

Travel restrictions' map in Europe (community based) - link

Africa is starting to lock out the world to slow the spread of coronavirus on the continent (16 March 2020) - link

In Europe: information related to the music sector but that can be applicable to other sectors. The introduction by WBM Expertise is in French but the information on the situation in various European countries is in English - link

Safety and health measures in European countries (list compiled by EMEE) - link

Mobility to the USA during the Covid-19 pandemia - Information compiled by Tamizdat* - link


3. Campaigns or online petitions raising awareness of the coronavirus’ massive impact on the arts and cultural sector:


Open letter to the EU demanding support for the cultural and creative sectors in the COVID crisis - link

Emergency basic income for the EU - link



Passenger Pigeon Manifesto, A call to public galleries, libraries, archives, and museums to liberate our cultural heritage. Illustrated with the cautionary tales of extinct species and our lack of access to what remains of them - link

A call to invest in all our creative futures by prominent European artists - link

Open Letter to Museums and Galleries in support of education and other essential workers - link

COVID-19: An open letter from African intellectuals to Africa’s leaders - link




'If our government wants cultural life to return, it must act now': an open letter from Australia's arts industry - link


A new policy statement for the arts in Flanders: A summary - link

Manifeste pour soutenir les travailleurs et travailleuses de la culture - link


Grupo de mais de 500 artistas divulga manifesto em repúdio a declarações de Regina Duarte - link


Petition to support the independent cultural sector - link



N’oubliez pas les autrices et les auteurs du spectacle vivant ! - link

Concerts debout touchés en plein coeur - link

Mesdames, Messieurs, les artistes-auteur•e•s réclament votre attention ! - link

UFISC et autres réseaux / organisations : Est-ce trop demander que de la cohérence, Monsieur le Président, Monsieur le Premier Ministre, Monsieur le Ministre ? - link

Soutenez les Etats Généraux du Festival Off d'Avignon ! - link

Sauvons les Alliances françaises - link

SYNDEAC: Lettre ouverte au Président de la République - link

Artistes-Auteurs : 8 préconisations urgentes - link

L'appel des indépendants - Acte 2 - link

Courrier de la FRAAP adressé aux conseillers arts plastiques des DRAC et aux Régions - link

Année Blanche pour les Intermittents du Spectacle - link

La FRAAP: quelle politique publique de soutien pour les acteurs culturels de proximité les plus fragiles - link

SNAM: Les Musiciens veulent des actes ! - link

#COVID-19 Les métiers d’art doivent être pris en compte dans les dispositifs d'aides ! - link

Renouvellement des droits des intermittents du spectacle année noire 2020 - link

Culture en danger Lettre ouverte au Président de la République - link

Déclaration commune des organisations d'employeurs et salariés du spectacle vivant et enregistré / via le SYNDEAC - link

Mobilisation et coopération contre le COVID 19 via l'UFISC - link

Pour un fonds unique en faveur des artistes-auteurs - link

Communiqué de presse concernant la SPEDIDAM - link

Corona virus - Égalité des indemnités entre tous les indépendants - link

Appel des artistes et des salariés de la culture (via la FEVIS) - link

Pétition pour le soutien des intermittents - link


Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V: Letter to the Senate Department of Culture - link

Emergency aid fund for Berlin's artists - link

Hilfen für Freiberufler und Künstler während des Corona-Shutdowns - link


Support Art Workers Greece - link


◊ The National Campaign For The Arts launches a ’13 Point Proposal for the Survival and Recovery of the Irish Arts Sector’ (27 May) - link


ACTA -  Le proposte di Acta per sostenere i lavoratori indipendenti durante e dopo l’emergenza Covid-19 - link

Italian museum directors demand national fund for culture - link

To support precarious workers and freelancers - link

Appello per sostegno urgente ai lavoratori dello spettacolo - link


art for all jp: Emergency Support Measures Request for the Visual Arts - link

Working Group of the Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research and the Japan Association for Cultural Economics:  “Proposals for the Cultural field impacted by covid-19” including urgent recommendation on policy and measure to the Agency for Cultural Affairs. - link

The Netherlands

ZZP'ers hebben óók recht op financiële bijstand na de Coronacrisis - link


◊ Artists, cultural workers call for immediate assistance amid lockdown - link


Carta aberta: Os invisíveis da Cultura - link

Russian federation:

◊  Online petition by independent artists and producers and addressed to the Government of the Russian Federation with the request to support the independent culture and art sector in times of crisis followed due to coronavirus - link


Informe de situación de los Artistas Visuales y medidas ante la crisis del COVID-19 - link

Mobilisation of the sector to ask for extraordinary measures - link

Suspensión inmediata del pago de autónomos mientras dure la crisis del coronavirus - link


Création d’un fonds d’indemnisation pour les intermittent/es du spectacle en Suisse - link


Campaing Artists against corona - link

United Kingdom:

Self employed to access full pay through HMRC- link

Create an emergency fund to support freelancers with Coronavirus income loss - link


A call for a cultural new deal for cultural and racial justice - link

In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the U.S. Performing Arts Sector, Requests Assistance from USCIS and Department of State - link

Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund are standing up for the arts in America during COVID-19 (19 March) - link


4. Statements by organisations/networks/foundations:

European institutions (Commission / Parliament) + EU ministers of Culture

President Higgins (Ireland) responds to the employment crisis of the Arts and Cultural Sector in the European Union - link

European ParliamentRethink "deeply disappointing" budget proposals, says Culture and Education Committee - link

Video conference of Ministers of Culture - May 2020 (19 May) - link (summary - link)

Speech by President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the new MFF, own resources and the Recovery Plan (13 May) - link

Culture Committee chair Verheyen calls for doubling money for Creative Europe (12 May) - link

European Parliament: COVID-19: Save European culture and values, MEPs tell Commission - link

Declaration by the Ministers of Culture and Media of EU countries within the scope of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union - link

European Parliament, EU funds must reach media and creative sector, say MEPs (21 April 2020) - link

European Parliament, Sabine Verheyen: “New funds must reach creative sectors immediately” (27 March 2020) - link

European Parliament (Culture and Education Committee Chair) - link



UNESCO - More than 130 Ministers call for support to culture sector in COVID-19 crisis response - link

UNESCO rallies Culture Ministers and partners to respond to COVID-19’s impact on the culture sector - link


Networks / Alliance of Organisations:

◊ Culture in EU’s External Relations: The Way Forward by More Europe - link

PEARLE* >Call for EU and Member States to provide targeted support through the EU recovery package - link


Culture Action Europe:  Make culture central in the EU Recovery | Open letter - link


Policy Statement on the Cultural Recovery of Europe by IETM - link

Renewing the European music scene - statement by the Liveurope members - link


Support More Culture!, More Europe! Manifesto In favour of culture and for the relaunch of the European project - link

Europa Cantat: Singing improves people’s lives, now as much as ever - link

Caribbean leaders urged to diversify creative economy post-COVID - link

EUNIC: Make cultural relations count - link

Culture Action Europe: Uphold culture in the EU budget - link

FSE President Carolin Otto calls on EU Culture Ministers to put arts, culture & creativity at the centre of our recovery - link

Music organisations and networks: #BetterMusicCities - link

The live performance calls for a joint and proportionate approach to reopening venues and events to audiences via PEARLE* (13 May) - link

Europe’s cultural and creative sectors call for ambitious EU budgetary measures to get through the COVID-19 crisis - link

A message from Simon Brault, Chair of the IFACCA Board, on the COVID-19 crisis - link

European Cultural Foundation and Culture Action Europe: The Future of Culture and Creative sectors in post-COVID-19 Europe - link

Platforma KooperativaPUBLIC STATEMENT on the consequences of crises caused by Coronavirus outbreak for the civil society organisations in the field of culture in South-East Europe - link

CAE position on the post-coronavirus 2021-2027 MFF (29 April) - link

REMA and 28 other cultural networks: Now Europe needs culture and culture needs Europe - link EN FR ES

UCLG: Decalogue for the post COVID-19 era - link

#Culture2030goal Statement on “Culture and the COVID-19 pandemic” - link

HIVOS, DOEN and Prince Claus Fund, Call for solidarity: The crucial role of arts and culture in a time of global crisis - link

#Culture2030goal Statement on “Culture and the COVID-19 pandemic” - link

HIVOS, DOEN and Prince Claus Fund, Call for solidarity: The crucial role of arts and culture in a time of global crisis - link

Via Eurozine: Health, trust and journalism, a coronavirus plan for the media - link

Rescue the arts: plea to national governments by IETM* with Circostrada*, ETC and IN SITU - link

Music sector joints to address national and EU investment to address the current crisis and promote the diversity - link

RES ARTIS - link

European  Theatre Convention: Coronavirus Pandemic: Theatres in Europe Urge Support from EU and Member States - link

IMPALA adopts urgent crisis plan calling for urgent action across Europe - link

Culture Action Europe  and European cultural networks, including On the Move, about the Creative Europe programme (20 March 2020) - link

European Festivals' Association : COVID-19 - Expressing our solidarity towards the festivals - link

Festival for Solidarity (via the Festivals' Academy) - link

ENCATC (the page includes the solidarity statement of ENCATC together with other networks / organisations' networks) - link

Culture Action Europe - link

European Music Council - link

European Cultural Foundation, calling for a culture of solidarity - link

European Theatre Convention - link

NEMO:  COVID-19's impact on the European museum sector - link

PEARLE, FIA* and UNI-MEI for the support of the performing arts sector - link

National Performance Network (USA): statement with resources - link


5. Governmental / public bodies + private organisations: readjustments of existing schemes and/or new funding schemes (at international, European and national levels)

Please follow this link for this sub-section. 


6. Initiatives (especially online surveys) to gather feedback from different parts of the arts and cultural sector affected by the coronavirus

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7. Sector-specific information and advice:

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8. Pay the artists / cultural venues / organisations:

◊ Here is the future of music: monetized livestreams - link

Basita.live is a virtual platform for performing and visual artists, filmmakers, animators, and institutions to live stream, share content, conduct live or pre-recorded sessions, while being able to charge their audiences a modest fee to safeguard their incomes - link

Turner prize 2020 show is cancelled and replaced with £100,000 fund for artists - link

Artist Relief Tree - link

France: Documentations: Annulez tout ! Payez tout le monde ! - link (FR) / link (EN)

In Hungary, spectators in solidarity with the artists, waive the reimbursement of their seats - link


9. Some news and initiatives coming from Asia:

◊ Perspectives magazine by the National Gallery of Singapore - out of isolation: artists respond to covid-19 - link

◊ Futures for Architecture Biennales? Lessons Learned from the 2019-2020 Shenzhen Biennale - link

Mask On. Blindfolds Off: Surveying Arts and Culture during Covid19 in India, by Arundhati Ghosh - link

Se relever grâce à l’art après une crise : l’exemple cambodgien - link

‘The House Is Still Burning’: Censorship, Pandemic and Art in the Philippines - link

Creative innovation in the East Asia arts and culture sector (during Covid-19) - link

Are art workers non-essential? (Singapore) - link

Beijing art world starts shutting down again amid new coronavirus cluster (17 June) - link

Taiwan Eye - link

Artists and Performers in the Time of Covid-19 (India) - Part Two - link

My Own Words: The Future of International Art Residencies by Maria Sowter (Ho Chi Minh City) - link

Covid-19 : à Taiwan, mobilisation générale pour le secteur culturel - link

India: Performing arts in the hot zone: Covid 19 leaves many artistes gasping for relief - link

We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces. A Chronus Art Center Special Online Exhibition - link

China residencies: information - link

COVID-19 and the arts in Southeast Asia (27 March 2020) - link

Cautious reopening of cultural spaces in East Asia (19 March 2020) - link

The coronavirus is shaking up the world's art market in unexpected ways - link

New Online Platform for Art in Hong Kong (news via ifacca)

ART Power HK launches online activation of art events via Culture360 - link


10. Articles and other resources:

Please follow this link for this subsection.


11. Some ideas for when you're stuck at home:

Please follow this link for this subsection.

12. Unlocking venues / audiences:

Please follow this link for this subsection. 

This list of resources follows the model of other lists focused on migration issues and artistic practices and on Brexit and its impacts on the arts and cultural sector.