THIS IS FAKE > VR Residency and Exhibition (Germany)

THIS IS FAKE is a media art collective from Leipzig, founded in 2017, whose members focus on new media, with a particular interest in virtual reality. They are now accepting applications for a one-month artist residency in Zeitz, Germany in September 2020.

Focusing on fundamental questions regarding the use of virtual reality in the arts, THIS IS FAKE is organising an artist residency and exhibition programme in the city of Zeitz in 2020. During a one-month residency in September 2020, two artists and two members of THIS IS FAKE can use the space in a former pasta factory, known as ‘Nudel’, to work together. During the four-week-stay, the participating artists are provided with accommodation, a materials budget, a travel allowance of 150 euros, a shared studio / workspace, and the necessary equipment.

In the run-up to the residency, the artists will work on various approaches for the collaboration in Zeitz in regular online sessions and – by means of a digital archive and sketchboards – exchange materials, texts and inspiration which will flow into the production phase in September.

Possible key themes include: the impact of image-based media, digital environments and social platforms, the understanding of the human body and human gesture, presence and their relationship to artificial entities, the dualism between physical and virtual worlds, questioning decision making, automation and algorithmic tools, qualities and nature of digital materials, the update-behaviour of virtual systems, or generally image-induced visual culture.

The residency is aimed at artists who wish to work on a joint exploration of various aspects of virtual reality to investigate how a collaborative work in a digital environment manifests itself. The call is open to artists of any self-definition, institution and origin. In particular, the collective would like to motivate students and people from underrepresented groups in VR art to apply.

Deadline: 1 April 2020

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