Cultural Heritage in Action > Open Call for Good Practices for Online Catalogue

Cultural Heritage in Action is one of the actions of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage of the European Commission. It is a peer-learning programme that will allow over 100 local and regional policymakers to exchange knowledge on cultural heritage, with a focus on participatory governance, adaptive reuse, and quality of interventions.

The project is currently calling for submissions of good practices from the cultural heritage sector – whether policies, projects, events or organisational structures – developed by local and regional authorities, or by other local stakeholders. These will be featured in an online catalogue. Later in the year the Cultural Heritage in Action project will be organising peer-learning visits in cities around Europe, drawing on those featured in the catalogue.

For the purposes of the call, cultural heritage is considered as ‘resources inherited from the past in all forms and aspects – tangible, intangible and digital (born digital and digitized), including monuments, sites, landscapes, skills, practices, knowledge and expressions of human creativity, as well as collections conserved and managed by public and private bodies such as museums, libraries and archives’.

The call is open to local and regional administrations of all sizes from the 27 European Union countries. 

Deadline: 27 March 2020

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