FIAF > Call for Proposals for Film:ReStored Heritage Festival (Germany)

The festival Film:ReStored has been dedicated to film heritage in the digital age since 2015. Digital restorations make their premieres at the festival; filmmakers, restorers and conservators share information about practical aspects of digital film processing; and specialists and experts discuss political and aesthetic questions, which play a role in the realm of digitisation efforts. The fifth edition will take place 27 October – 1 November 2020 at the Filmhaus in Berlin.

Although Film:ReStored has mainly dealt with German film heritage and domestic digitization programs until now, and has expanded the national perspective through its international guests, this fifth edition has a decidedly European orientation. Preservation, restoration and access to film heritage are international concerns, in which archives have long been cooperating with one another in a variety of ways. Now it is a matter of developing a sustainable pan-European perspective on film heritage in the digital age.

To be able to illustrate the diversity of the prerequisites and approaches to solutions in European archives and film heritage institutions, the organisers invite proposals for lectures, workshop reports and film programmes from as many EU member states who are committed to this European idea as possible. Travel costs (and fees) will be reimbursed for participating lecturers.

Possible topics:

  • The history of European co-productions before and after 1945.

  • The preservation and legacy of European co-productions in the archives.

  • Questions pertaining to archiving European films produced in Europe.

  • Exchange projects between the archives of the ACE and FIAF (material, knowledge, data).

  • Current restoration projects involving several European archives.

  • A cinematographic infrastructure on a European scale.

  • Political steps: reality and desires for a European film heritage policy.

Sessions are held in German and English, and are translated into both languages. Some 20 films will be shown in the original language version with English or German subtitles.

Deadline: 1 April 2020

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