Bulegoa > Residency for Artists and Researchers (Spain)


Bulegoa z/b, a space for art and knowledge based in Bilbao, is offering a residency for artists and researchers that will last for one month, taking place within the period 2 September – 29 November 2020.

Bulegoa z/b’s working space is an 85 square metre space, with four large windows opening a dialogue with the space outside. The space is located in a pedestrian area of Solokoetxe, and has been used for concerts, talks, ephemeral exhibitions, and site-specific actions.

Bulegoa z/b is not only a physical space; it is also a context, or a place to set up encounters between different areas of thought and creation. With this 2020 open call for residency, the organisers invite artists or researchers from any discipline who wish to use Bulegoa’s physical space or resources for their work or research.

The residency includes two public activities proposed by the resident, to be included in the Bulegoa z/b programme for 2020.

On offer:

  • A month stay at the Bulegoa z/b space.

  • Grant of 900 €.

  • 500 € (maximum) for travel expenses and accommodation. Otherwise Bulegoa z/b will provide lodging.

  • 200 € (maximum) for production of the chosen activity plus costs derived from adapting the production to a public event format.

  • Logistical support and advice for the organisation of public activities within the Bulegoa z/b programme for 2020.

  • Dissemination of the activities, support with presentation, and mediation of the project in the local art context.

The organisers would like applicants for the residency to consider it as an opportunity to try out forms of practical or theoretical knowledge that may take them out of their comfort zones, ‘implying some sort of displacement’.

Deadline: 8 March 2020

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