AIRY > Västernorrland Artist in Residence Programme for Ceramics, Sound and Literature (Sweden)

Every year, the AIRY programme invites a ceramic artist, a sound artist and an author to stay at three inspiring rural locations in Sweden’s Region Västernorrland. Two residencies, ceramic and sound art, are located at Folk High Schools with arts courses, while the third, for visual narrative (graphic novels, illustrated books, comics, etc.), is located at a health facility with a focus on the importance that art and literature can play in healing.

The organisers provide accommodation, food, a grant to cover travel and other expenses, and a host at each location to support the residence artist. Exact terms vary between the residencies, but the sound and visual narrative programmes last 4 weeks (September 2020), while the Ceramics residency is 8 weeks (September-October 2020).

Applications are welcomed from both emerging and established artists and authors.

Deadline: 22 March 2020

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