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The EMC Fellowship Programme offers emerging professionals working in the field of music an opportunity to internationalise their careers and develop professionally. During one year (with the possibility of extension for another year), 7 young people are invited to take part in the European Forum on Music, get exclusive access to further EMC events, and be included in the EMC’s internal (membership) communication. The EMC Fellows are open-minded persons, motivated to engage in cultural policy discussions and committed to the values of musical diversity and the ideals of the 5 music rights.


  • Attendance at the European Forum on Music: The fellowship starts with a travel grant that includes all costs related to the attendance at the EMC's annual conference (travel costs, accommodation and the registration fee).

  • Access to EMC’s membership benefits: Fellows have access to all EMC member benefits for one year. This does not only include becoming part of an international music community that includes European and international music organisations from all genres and sectors, but also getting access to the EMC's internal membership communication as well as exclusive attendance for EMC events.

  • Networking and Professional Development: The Fellows expand their professional network through the EMC and are invited to take part in the EMC's activities as experts, speakers, writers...

  • Continuous Involvement: There is no abrupt end. Alumni Fellows are invited to stay in touch with the EMC and share their expertise and experience.

Ideally applicants to the project will have a reference from an EMC member.

Deadline: 29 February 2020

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