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Think Big 2020 is a residency programme in Hanover for young choreographers. Now in its seventh edition, in 2020 the programme will offer three residencies for young choreographers, in order to promote upcoming talent and to support new creations in the field of dance. The programme responds to the trend in Germany towards independent productions involving very few dancers by encouraging choreographers to meet the challenge of creating works incorporating larger groups. The residency programme consists of various workshops from April/May to beginning of September 2020.

The programme is aimed at contemporary dance choreographers at the beginning of their professional careers who have either presented their first projects or are able to provide evidence of works in development.

Three choreographers will be provided with the opportunity to create a new ensemble production with up to ten dancers (duration of max. 20 min.). Project related support is in the form of a funded residency, lasting from the beginning of August until the beginning of September. The three Artist residencies will take place simultaneously.

With the participation of the selected choreographers, there will be a joint audition for dancers in April/ May 2020 who will form an ensemble for the representation of all three productions. The intensive rehearsal period will take place in the ballet studios of the Staatsballett Hannover as of the beginning of August.

The three ensemble productions will be presented together as a single full-length evening during the festival TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL 2020 (3-12 September 2020), thereby offering the choreographers an internationally acclaimed platform.

Individually arranged benefits include: fee for the choreography, per diems, accommodation, reimbursement of round trip travel expenses, rehearsal spaces, payment of the dancers, the use of equipment, provision of technical or dramaturgical advice when required, and video/photo documentation.

Deadline: 21 February 2020

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