Emergence > Call for Participation in Workshops / Think Tanks ‘Building Memory Within a City of Rifts: Facing Political Collaborationism’ (Ukraine)

‘What better place to contemplate memory, both collective and individual, than in a city which fails to remember? It’s an amnesia so hopeless it becomes hopeful: the city of rifts is a great place to practice genealogy, imaginary or real.

Art can produce images, narratives, and perspectives that counter strongly divisive and mainstream revisionist historical narratives. Questions of histories revised and instrumentalised for present day political goals, and the way in which collaborationism marks political culture in different societies are at the forefront of our day and age.’

As part of the three-year project ‘EMERGENCE. From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory’, emerging and/or mid-career artists, curators, performers, and researchers are invited to apply and join workshops and think-tank meetings curated by music curator Sasha Andrusyk (UA), visual artist Kristina Norman (EST), and dramaturg Laur Kaunissaare (EST).

This two-fold retreat will take place in Kyiv, organised in a format of two six-day sessions during which invited artists and specialists between fields of memory-politics and contemporary forms of artistic expression will explore political, societal, historical, spatial, and other aspects of public memory and experiences of collaborationism across various cultures. The first session, ‘BUILDING MEMORY WITHIN ‘A CITY OF RIFTS’: slightly more than a tour around Kyiv’ will take place 13-19 April 2020, and the second, ‘FACING POLITICAL COLLABORATIONISM’, 25-31 May 2020.

The organisers especially encourage applicants interested in the history of the region and who are willing to critically engage with the topics proposed. Countries eligible for this call: EU countries, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Republic of Serbia, Ukraine. Travel costs from eligible countries and accommodation in Kyiv will be covered by the organiser on the basis of a contract between the participant and the organizer – Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

Deadline: 15 February 2020

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