4th edition of the International Award UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21

An initiative of the City of Mexico and the Global Organisation of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), this International Award will recognise good practices from cities and local and regional governments in the field of culture and sustainable development, as well as individuals who have made substantial contributions to the recognition of how cultural aspects are important for sustainable development.

In the ‘City / Local or Regional Government’ category, the Award recognises a city, local or regional government whose cultural policy has contributed significantly to linking the values of culture (heritage, diversity, creativity and transmission of knowledge) with democratic governance, citizen participation and sustainable development. The Award is given to the local or regional government candidate that wins a competitive call process, open to direct or indirect UCLG members. Indirect UCLG members include those local and regional governments that are members of an association or federation of local or regional governments that is in turn a member of UCLG. The Award recognises an original policy, programme or project that explicitly includes the principles of the Agenda 21 for culture.

In the ‘Individual’ category, the Award recognises an internationally renowned individual who has made a fundamental contribution to the relationship between culture and sustainable development. This Award is designated by a Jury, following nominations from members of UCLG (direct or indirect).

The Award is worth EUR 50,000 in the 'City / Local or Regional Government' category, and EUR 25,000 in the 'Individual' category.

Deadline: 18 March 2020

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