ACCR > Nora Artist-in-Residence Programme for Refugees (France)


ACCR – a network of cultural heritage sites – has launched a call for its Nora residency programme, aimed at artists, researchers and culture professionals, from the Near and Middle East and from Africa, who have recently received refugee status in France. Priority will be given to refugees from: Syria, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, Eritrea and Yemen.

The goal of the Nora programme is to develop projects within French Heritage Sites for Culture (Centres culturels de rencontre), and consequently to give a practical knowledge of French cultural, artistic and intellectual networks, contributing to building long-term connections and partnerships.

Applications for an artistic or cultural residency must be in line with the artistic profile of the selected French cultural centre (see the list on the ACCR site). One candidate can apply in several centres, as long as their project corresponds with the artistic line of each centre.

Residents whose projects have been selected receive 1000€ per month and refunded travel costs (up to a level determined according to the distance to the residency centre). Residents stay free of charge within the Centre that has accepted them. Whenever possible, the Centre puts at their disposal material necessary for their residency project. The period of residency can vary from 1 to 6 months.

Deadline: 21 February 2020

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